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If you are a gym phobic and fear going into a gym why not try out Personal Trainer Knightsbridge.  We will work with you wherever you feel most comfortable whether it is in you back garden, living room or garage we come to you. The only space we need is enough room for you to lie down and has easy access.

Personal Trainer Knightsbridge

Don’t worry about the equipment either we will bring it all to you so the only thing you will need is some comfortable clothes and training shoes.  Most often we will use kettle bells, dumb bells, sand bags, suspension trainers and resistance devices however we will assess your needs and bring the most appropriate  equipment for you.

If you are feeling a little self conscious then we will also allow you to share the training session with a friend. In fact we like doing the sessions this way as it can be fun and more relaxing. However we would suggest that the friend really needs to be of a similar fitness level to get the best results. We also find that this helps our clients with getting motivated and also brings a competitive edge to the training.


Sessions with Personal Trainer Knightsbridge

Personal Trainer Knightsbridge training sessions are all one hour long. We build you a fitness programme which allows for warm up and cool down within this hour and combine strength and aerobic exercises. At the end of each session we will record your progress. You will also find that each session is different and we will modify the sessions to meet you needs and preferences.

We have a very flexible approach to the amount of sessions you take over a period of time. Some clients just take one session a week whilst other can take up to 5 sessions a week. It really depends on your goals. However we do have set packages of fitness programmes available which will give you a set amount of sessions of a period of weeks.

Our packages include introductory packages for those who have not done any training for some time. Then we have a weight loss package which is over a 6-8 wk period. Finally we have our master package for toning and shaping your body and this is over 18-20 wks.