FREE Taster Session with Personal Training West London

Our Personal Training West London team are committed to helping you reach your full potential.  To make sure you are confident in choosing us to help you reach your full potential we are offering a FREE Taster Session for you to see what it is like to do your training at our gym and with us.  Before we start any training though we will need to do an initial consultation to see what you want out of the training and then to establish the best programme for you. Your taster session will then include some of the exercises and activities which we will build into a personalised programme for you.

Personal Training West London

If you enjoy your FREE session and want to join us on a regular basis we would then book you in for a first session.  At the first session we will firmly establish with you what your goals are.  We then give you a little health and fitness check which includes completing some paperwork and taking some of your measurements, weight and BMI.  We will repeat this process every 6 wks to ascertain your progress. However you will see the progress yourself before we take any measurements.

Personal Training West London – Nutrition Programme

At Personal Training West London we also recommend that alongside your fitness programme you take  up one of our nutrition programmes so that you maximise your results. We will discuss with you your goals and whether it is to bulk up, get fitter or lose weight we will provide you with an appropriate nutrition programme which is personalised to you.

Our programmes involve giving you a weekly meal plan and you will be required to keep a food diary of what you eat and drink.  Don’t worry the meal plan is not too restrictive and we provide you with a variety of foods, meals and recipes to make sure you don’t get bored. We aim to make sure that you are not going to feel hunger pangs but you will be taking in all the right nutrients your body needs.

By working the fitness programme and nutrition plan together we believe that your will reach you goals much quicker and will feel much healthier.